fear of flying

Many people are afraid of flying, to the point of having panic attacks. Know that the fear of flying is the third most common after you have fear of spiders.

It is possible that this fear has arisen for a flight with bad experience in the past, or maybe it’s an emotional reaction to the news about a plane crash or hijacking.

Also, this experience could have been caused by claustrophobia, or fear of heights, fear of the unknown or loss of control.

To overcome this fear, it is recommended that once on board the plane is distracted talking to other passengers, see a movie, read or listen to your portable music player.

A council very useful to control anxiety in stressful situations, is the breathing exercise and relaxation. Breathing is a powerful tool for relaxation, just has to breathe gently, slowly, deeply and naturally.

Consider communicating to the crew about his state of nervousness, because they are trained to deal with this problem.

On the other hand, if you are considering taking a tranquilizer before flying, remember that many of them should not be mixed with alcohol.

Finally, know that flying is the best way to travel and besides being very fast and safe.

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