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Regardless of the activity to which you dedicate, and if you’re really seriously thinking about venturing into Internet and attract potential customers in this way, no doubt you should have a blog of your own domain, in which you can publish what you know do and can offer your potential customers.

But do not confuse having a blog of your own domain, and being subscribed in free hosting services as a blogspot, which, if it is not yours, then it does not give you the guarantees of permanence in time, nor that can move forward on issues of SEO .

We advise you to be able to correctly choose a domain name for your blog. In addition we offer the service of purchasing and registering new domain with your own personal data, also we offer web hosting service, if you prefer.

What a blog can serve?

One advantage of having a blog is that the website owner can make your own content management. No need for a programmer or designer specialized. This great facility is that we use the CMS that is most successful in the world, we talk about WordPress.

With a blog made under the WordPress platform will be much easier for your content to be crawled by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, among others. And this platform has applications that will serve to optimize the site to be friendly to reading the enormous amount of virtual robots that scan the network always. These computer robots look for relevant content to be indexed and are valued by search engines, so that the same content can be displayed on the search results that daily make the millions of Internet users.

A blog is also a great place to launch new products, promotions, publicize the progress of your company, showing photographs and even videos a series of catalogs of your products or services and to comment about important dates of your business, and showing photographs and video, how your local business and even testimonials from satisfied customers.

Additionally you can create content about your company events such as anniversaries, cultural activities, social assistance, agreements etc. In short, they are unlimited uses that can be given to blogs in promoting your business.

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