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Now travel tickets can be endorsed or postponed

Any person wishing to travel somewhere within Peru and can not execute it for some reason, you have the possibility to endorse or transfer their tickets to another person, or even postpone or perform any of the sections included in the passage obtained, so

Save and Travel quiet

To make a trip without borrowing, the best way is saving and so cover expenses with greater confidence. Saving is the healthiest way to raise money for multiple purposes and it must organize your expenses and make good use of the CTS and gratuities.

Are you afraid to fly? Know some tips

Many people are afraid of flying, to the point of having panic attacks. Know that the fear of flying is the third most common after you have fear of spiders.

What to do if your child is traveling alone by plane?

If you allow your minor child travels alone by plane, it is necessary to take every precaution to ensure their safety. Each year millions of children travel alone without any type of problem. Yet it must be ensured that the child must be prepared

Know what to expect at the airport

When it’s time to travel, so you’ve done many times, you never know what to expect to happen from the moment you arrive at the airport. There are many questions like for example, whether you seated promptly when presenting the documents, if the flight

Did you delayed or lost the luggage at the airport?

It usually happens that travel is done by plane, may occur a lost or delayed baggage, for which it should not be alarmed or worry because in this article you will know what to do and what steps to take. In the event that