Community Manager

With the services of Community Manager (management or administration of social networks) we take care to create, manage and energize a community of Internet users regardless of the platform used, whether in the blog, social networks and even on forums and other sites where is generated a community on the Internet around a particular topic of interest.

Service contract management of social networks is crucial to keep the presence of your business online.

It is a fact that the manager of a company only has time to generate new ideas of entrepreneurship and manage their organization, thus requiring external services of a professional who is trained in the subject and with sufficient time to generate presence and positioning your company name on the Internet.

These are our main services Community Manager.

Content writing service (Copywriting)

What is copywriting?

With this service we wrote news or original articles to your blog. That is text content that you can hire to help improve the positioning of your main website.

A company blog alone does nothing to help position your business in the network, it is indispensable to publish content frequently and steadily, only in this way can be successful generating web traffic and positioning.

You can hire the service to write for you in the amount of time or number of items that suits you. We have special packages, you can consult our contact page.

Remember to keep your blog up to date, it will make gradually that major crawlers search engines arouse their interest and their content frequently index. That will result in better position to keywords that are within the text and are destined for the pages of your main web with the products or services you offer.

Blog Management Service

You will trust us to attend your blog internally, from the creation of new users who can access this and categorizing them as you choose permits; changing passwords, update content management (we recommend WordPress); update their plugins, conducting weekly or monthly backups both database and file management, and finally the management of blog to level of external public as detailed below.

We moderate your blog

Once generated cool content and optimized for search engines, will begin arriving views and comments. We will handle moderate and respond them immediately, because in Internet the immediate response is synonymous loyalty to a potential customer.

Depuration of Spam comments

With the comments also comes the competence or others seeking hanging of fame on your blog leaving comments or promoting senseless thing. We take care of installing applications that help neutralize such comments and delete. This work deserves an automated service via web and manual applications because they could enter comments considered spam but they are not in truth and we must moderate. That’s our job to debug comments.

Training for staff and managers

Remember that while more relevant and interesting be content for its users, where debate and participation is generated, it will result in the creation of community focused on your business. That’s why we offer this service for advice on using your blog is done at your company to train its staff in the proper use of this CMS.

Request a quote to our contact page.

Service of Management of Social Networks

Creamos sus cuentas en Redes Sociales y las administramos.

To be on the Internet you also need the help of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to name the most important right now.

The account of your business in these networks, we will keep them updated and also we will generate a community for deriving to your main website which is where you sell your products and services. Everything published on your blog will also have to appear in social networks to help give more chances of conversions to her business.

We dedicate ourselves to that and use schedules of greater uptake of public and days of the week suitable to attract visitors interested in what your business offers.

Service prices, packages and discounts

Each service has different rates in US dollars which can be consulted writing to our contact page, but can also take our comprehensive packages for fixed monthly payments. At the end of each month is delivered a detailed report with the work done on his blog and social networks as well as suggestions and proposals to further enhance the promotion of your brand on the Internet.

About payments:

If you live outside Peru you can pay with Paypal or sending Western Union money order.

If you live in Peru can be paid by bank transfer or deposit to our accounts dollars BBVA Continental and Interbank, or if you prefer in soles according to the exchange rate of the day to our account in Banco de Credito del Peru (BCP).

Use our contact page to request a price from Community Manager services.