Luggage delayed or lost in the airport

It usually happens that travel is done by plane, may occur a lost or delayed baggage, for which it should not be alarmed or worry because in this article you will know what to do and what steps to take.

In the event that your baggage has been delayed, do not panic, because airlines have ways to track it and the vast majority of lost luggage is returned on time. And if your luggage is one on the next flight, then you could have it in a few hours. But if they are sent to the wrong airport, this could take a few days.

It is very important do your claim immediately at the airport, leave the hotel or home address and phone number where you can be reached. Where your luggage is found, airlines take it where you are, and also reimburses the unexpected loss caused by delay or expense, so it is extremely important to keep receipts.

Before leaving the airport, you make sure how to check the status of your suitcase, some airlines have an online system, while others will give you a phone number to check for updates.

In the event that the luggage has been lost, make sure you have a written claim for damages. You may have to prove the value of the items contained and it must have all the relevant receipts if you have them, include copies of all documentation sent to the airline.

To prevent theft of a suitcase, it is recommended to take out travel insurance and thus cover a suitcase stolen. Although, you know that baggage is protected by international conventions, in case of loss you will be paid a certain sum per kilogram of lost luggage.

If the case has suffered any damage or mishandling, before leaving the airport, go to the offices of customer to report the problem, note that most airlines do not cover normal wear and tear.

What to do to prevent the loss of baggage

1. Place your name on the outside and inside of the bag. Besides the copy of the itinerary put on each piece of luggage.
2. Pack all valuables and documents in your hand luggage.
3. Although it is boring, count and list everything packed before traveling.
4. Make sure that the person reviewing your luggage ticket puts him right destination to each suitcase and you get a ticket for each claim.
5. Have a change of clothes in your carry-on luggage, in case your luggage is delayed.
6. The best guarantee is the travel insurance that makes possible the recovery of any losses.

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