Savings for travel

To make a trip without borrowing, the best way is saving and so cover expenses with greater confidence. Saving is the healthiest way to raise money for multiple purposes and it must organize your expenses and make good use of the CTS and gratuities.

If you have a steady job, is sure to get several benefits, which is why you must tap into your savings grow so that it can meet your goals.

You know, that if you want to tour the country, you need only 30 percent of the amount received from the CTS and gratuities, but if you intend to travel abroad, is needed an additional revenue of saving at least two years, according to Director of Research of the Catholic University, William Muñoz to the newspaper El Comercio.

The use of the CTS can only be done if the person has spent four years working and may withdraw the surplus of the balance, and if it takes 6 years working, then may use the equivalent of two salaries.

Another option are the banks, as in the case of BCP and BBVA, which allow accumulate points that can be redeemed for airline tickets as Avianca and LAN. The credit line is subject to an amount that depends on the income level and the behavior that about being a good payer.

According to salary, you can spread payments in installments and is very important to look at the cash rate annual cost, which is part of the annual interest rate, fees, insurance and administrative costs. Therefore must seek the lowest interest, as if in the case of borrowing.

Up to you, what it is the best option to start saving up to take the trip of your dreams.

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