recommendations for the best seat on the plane

It has always been, for many travelers, the seat that will touch you on the plane is an experience. Hopefully, the flight is peacefully, but sometimes can touch a small child kicking the back of the seat, or that there is a kind of war on the armrest, or also missing legroom.

So there is no failsafe way to be assured that the seat that you touch will give you a pleasant journey. Although this article we can help a little, and we will give you some tips that help you get the best seat on the plane.

The seats, considered the best, are at aisle or window, and those near the front of the plane. If you are on a short business trip it is sure that you to pick the aisle seat near the front of the plane, so you would disembark quickly. If it is an overnight flight, then you will choose the window seat so you can rest. And as for nervous people, the better the seat at the height of the wing, for there feel less turbulence.

The seats in the exit row offer more legroom, but not convenient when traveling with family, it is not permitted for children under 15 years.

Another place that is the preference of many travelers are the seats behind physical barriers such as walls, curtains or screens, which make a separation of the different parts of the plane. This allows not have seats against the person or not is another reclining passenger’s lap.

If it is a tall person must pay attention to the amount of space between the seats, the width thereof and the one immediately in front and behind it.

On the other hand, there are passengers who care where there are more security if a crash is presented and according to studies it is suggested that the back of the plane is the place with most likely to survive, though recent studies contradict this, suggesting that the safest place is the front of the plane, within five rows of an emergency exit.

Then up to you what it is the best for you and have a happy journey.

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