5 tips for traveling with children in a fun and safe

Undoubtedly family vacation travel could become a memorable, fun and cultural experience; but it believes it or not, it could also be an overwhelming situation if you go with children to places without recreational activities for them. Also, you should anticipate security issues during the trip so that the walk is enjoyable for everyone.

Take attention to these recommendations:

01 Vomiting trip

Whether you’re traveling on your own, that is, in their own means of transport or the public, or if you travel on a scheduled basis with a travel agency, it does not forget to bring in your carry basic items for small accidents.

It could take a basic kit or perhaps disposable bags in case the child gets dizzy and want to vomit. Consider taking facial tissues, toilet paper, bottle of alcohol, sun and insect protectors. If you think you should take something else in the medicine cabinet, do so. But yes, do not overdo it.

02 Always together

While most travel problems occur no to regret, the forecast is always priority to any event. Therefore, when you are visiting a tourist spot with a large audience is better kept together at all times.

If the family is large, it would be appropriate to establish a protection plan where delegating responsibilities from the householders, even the smallest. For example, delegate to the older children take responsibility for minors, without that the parents remain seized of the children or even older children, that’s impossible. Parents should always be aware of the location of their children at all times. It is the job of parenting!

While the administrators of tourist sites have contingency plan to protect missing children, it is always better to be forewarned for that this traumatic event does not occur on your trip.

It is advisable to join his family and educate on the importance of safety and measures to be taken. Be organized not take long!

03 Contingency plan in case of deviations

Maybe not a bad idea to plan a meeting in the event of loss of the child or another member of the family clan. Set a site location within easy place to visit where we indicate that we must go if we feel lost.

Additionally, if it thinks fit, children should have a secret pocket with their own ID or develop a «plastic card» with printed information that shows your full name, address, name and mobile phones of parents. Even provide information on blood type of the child; if they are allergic to any food, medicine or other information to locate tutors, parents or guardians of the child in an emergency.

Think about it. You might save the life of her younger son with this card basic information.

04 Organize your luggage in advance

Never organize your luggage to few hours of the travel, this must be made at least three days prior to the date of travel. Why this? Because you will have enough time to plan everything you take in your luggage, backpacks or handbags.

Find out about the weather the destination to visit and what clothes are appropriate for that trip. In addition it will help you know whether you need to carry some basic medicines to alleviate certain diseases or who have to be vaccinated in advance.

For example, if you go to areas high above sea level, it is sure should prevent altitude sickness or altitude sickness; if it is a tropical zone wear repelent or if it is an area of many streams of wind, wear windbreak jackets or if you climb rough terrain, know what footwear should wear your child or yourself or the whole family.

«Traveling generate expenses but worth it, it will be memories that will be with you forever».

In your hand luggage must also carry essential medicines if their youngest child is taking some medical treatment. That is important.

05 Choose destinations with activities for children

Search Internet for information on hotels and tourist attractions that offer programs for children. There are destinations that offer themed mini adventures in nature. Performed live stories where children are the characters in a realistic circuit. Children will enjoy it for sure.

Remember that it is useless to have play elements for children if parents are not available to the fun. Let fights back home and share with them and get infected their energy.

¿Pointed these tips? If you have some more not bother if you share in your comments.

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