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We thank your interest in advertising on, the videoblog specialized in the promotion of positive news from Peru. We will be happy to answer all your questions and to inform you about the various ways to advertise on Peruenvideos.

Profiles of the target audience:

The audience of is mostly Peruvian (residents in Peru and abroad) and therefore have great interest in news of situation occurring in our country and we select rescuing the positive in each information.

Ages: Between 18-44 years or so

Educacation: Higher education and academic degrees

Genres: Mostly male and childless.

Instead of browsing Internet: At home and less grade from offices or workplaces.

About the Ranking, is one of the most visited websites by the Peruvian community in the world, due to the excellent positioning with which account in actual themes and articles of tourism in Peru.

Since it went online in mid-September 2007, this videoblog has evolved in the public’s preferences. Currently, already more than 25,000 visits per month.

Advertising formats

In the following scheme we offer banners available with their respective dimensions. and other options to advertise in Peruenvideos.

We also inform that currently we offer the service of sponsored posts, a formidable way of effectively reach our visitors to publicize their products and services. Reports and contracts here.

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• The ad design (banners) is assumed by the advertiser. The availability of the ads vary.

• Payment for advertising is upfront and US dollars via Paypal, bank transfer by Interbank, BCP and / or money by Western Union.

• Ask for a quotation about our price through our contact page. Do not forget to suggest the type of ad you apply.