Tradición Colca Hotel, to rest in front of the Lost Valley of the Incas

In the midst of a wild setting with mountain views and terraces of Lost Valley of the Incas, in Arequipa, the Colca Tradition offers through its facilities have a pleasant stay and unforgettable memory.

This hotel is made of adobe, straw and tile, a typical construction of this environment and going back to the past, away from modernism, without neglecting comfort.

Green areas lead him to a rustic building, the paved road will lead you to the reception which is seen as a building stone. A side is the restaurant with a large living room, plus lounge bar, games room and dining room.

Rooms in Tradición Colca Hotel in Arequipa

Thus, in a different and familiar atmosphere enjoying a rest and relaxation, making use of the spa area with sauna, jacuzzi and massage room.

Also, very close to the hotel, there is a horse farm, where you can plan trips to the major archaeological sites in the area. Also has a Dobson telescope 45 cm to see the stars and can be accessed free of charge to the Planetarium and Astronomical Observation Center.

How to get:

The Colca Tradition is located in Yanque, 2.5 km from the ruins of UyoUyo in Arequipa. Google Maps shows you the road.

Video of Tradicion Colca Hotel

Each of the facilities Colca Tradition Hotel is shown in the following video, where you can appreciate the atmosphere that is enjoyed during the stay that is totally in the middle of nature, far from the modern city.

Thanks for video of Tradicional Colca in Youtube and the entrepreneurship they show to improve the hotel and offer better services to customers in the midst of the pandemic in which we live. More information in

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