Who We Are

Thank you for your interest in the positive news from Peru and thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to read us and know about the beginnings of this website.

Peruenvideos.com is run by Juan Ramos and Gloria Medina, a couple of Peruvian spouses graduates of the career of Communication Sciences and currently provide online marketing services and search engine optimization to entrepreneurs.

How did the idea of creating a web of positive news?

Foto matrimonial de Juan Ramos y Gloria Medina, propietarios de Peruenvideos.com

One of the purposes that motivated to John and Gloria to venture on the Internet, was to make available to people the news of Peru and elsewhere containing a message of encouragement to progress. Positive news to stimulate the perseverance of the people to continue to develop and grow in every activity they are engaged.

At this point you wonder: why only positive news?

And the answer could be summarized in two: First, help reduce the flow of Peruvians who leave the country leaving behind their families and the impossible of your homeland to benefit from their abilities. And second, reflecting the good news to the Peruvians who are abroad, and serve as a stimulus for soon return to our country that now it enjoys better economic conditions and job opportunities.

Also are many people who are saturated with negative news appearing in traditional media. Such as accidents and crimes in the police sections; some political scandals, among others concerning wearing the image of our country. Given this need, appears the idea of creating a website where you can find positive news to promote the development and positivism in people. Born, Peruenvideos.com.

Our mission is to remain the website that serves as the main reference in the Peruvian success in all its facets and are released with each news that comment and report on each section of the site.

Each publication is originally based on our review and analysis from the news broadcast in the main mass media in digital and physical level.

Investigating how to have an Internet presence

Motivated by the interest in publishing useful information on the Internet, we find that there is now a revolution in relation to information and communications technology (ICT) and are now within reach of many people to produce and / or get content related to their interests.

One of these tools are blogs, which are websites where you can manage information giving openness to communication with users through their comments.

The dream of the own web, step by step

The September 25, 2007 it initiated the coverage on our first news blog we call «Peru al Dïa en Videos», a website of domain and free hosting, ie it was a blogspot Blogger (service free blogs Google) in which we put all our interest and we began to publish positive news about the country.

Novedades en tu web de noticias peruanas - Noticias de Perú en mi celular inteligenteInitially we treat that every information is accompanied by Peruvian videos posted on social networks that are referential to the treaty content.

In late December 2007, and with continued effort and dedication, we decided that the blog needed fresh air and improvement in content and structure. It is for this reason that the change was made «in Perú al Día en Vídeos» to be called «Peru in Videos», a shorter name but which discloses our information activity.

In this regard, on January 7, 2008, we acquired the domain www.peruenvideos.com, and that date was the beginning of a tireless work of permanence, updates and tireless work of SEO and, above all, the realization of our dream. Have our own web.

Sustainable growth

Gráfico acerca del Marketing por Internet

Our growing readership and comments that make us get through our contact page, gives us confidence that the project is coming with good harmony to our target audience.

Time and increased visits to our website, allow our users to express their comments and input that are shared with all and thus start a dialogue for each content we publish. Certainly, pluralism and democracy are the main pillars in our website.

Finally, we can say that the need for access to information and knowledge, which are fundamental rights of every person, is justified Peruenvideos.com.

So, over time, Peruenvideos.com is consolidating as a website that comes from down in search of maintaining a good image of our Peru.

Thanks for your visit and your stay in our website to be good and can share with your friends on social networks.

See you soon.


Juan Ramos y Gloria Medina de Ramos