Chucumaca, unusual Stone Forest in Cajamarca

A large group of steep rocks are seen in the district of Chota, in the department of Cajamarca. They are rocks that surpass 7 meters high and showing whimsical and very unique ways.

chucumaca in Chota

At the top of this forest circular spaces are seen by way of amphitheaters that are surrounded by protruding rocks, which give the impression of people in waiting attitude.

chucumaca to northern Peru

The surface of this whole area is black earth and because of the altitude, the vegetation is scarce, although there are some animals that live among the rocks, such as birds and vizcachas.

Stone Forest in Cajamarca

Thus, in an area of 20 hectares, visitors can enjoy the whimsical and unusual stone figures that have been shaped by rain, wind and the passage of time.

How to get:

The forest is located 20 kilometers from the province of Chota, Cajamarca department.

Source:, wikipedia

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