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Visite Caravelí, La Tierra del Pisco y del Vino, en Arequipa

Caravelí es la provincia más alejada de Arequipa, mayormente conocida por la alta calidad de sus aceitunas, especialmente en la zona de Yauca, así como el Aceite de Olivo. Destaca también por su mar azul, sus impresionantes dunas, verdes valles y lomas.

Knows which is the second highest mountain in Peru

After the Huascaran, the second highest mountain in Peru, is the Snowy Yerupajá with a height of 6,634 meters and is located in the Cordillera Huayhuash. Curiously, it is a mountain belonging to the departments of Lima, Ancash and Huanuco, which distributes its aspects

Civic Center of Lima is now a modern shopping center

One of the tallest buildings in the city of Lima is the Civic Center, that was built with the purpose of being the great monument of the military government of Juan Velasco Alvarado, demanding a great investment.

Tschudi Palace, example of ancient architecture in La Libertad

As part of the tourist attractions of the district of Trujillo, in the department of La Libertad, we find Tschudi Palace, which is also known as the Joint Walled Nik An, as it would have been dedicated to the sea god Ni. It is

Visit the Kurt Beer Ecological Park in the region of Piura

A perfect place for ecotourism in his visit to the region of Piura, is the Kurt Beer Ecological Park, considered the only green lung of the city.

Travel to Machu Picchu and Huascaran and avoid altitude sickness

A problem that often occurs in the majority of travelers arriving in highlands of Peru, is the «altitude sickness», which should not be overlooked as it could have consequences for health.