Visit the most important vineyards of Ica

Viñedos en Ica y sus bodegas de pisco y vino

Quite apart from enjoying the warm lands in the region of Ica, south of Lima, the main estates and vineyards open their doors to the public and publicize the process of winemaking and grape distillates and walking through the fields.

It is at kilometer 298 of the Panamericana Sur, where the visitor finds the Caravedo ranch, whose facilities have a mixture of history and technology. The guided tour of an hour and a half does not cost anything and you can sample a diverse range of pisco in the small workshop, which is provided by the workers of the place.

Visitors can learn the old distillery, in the vineyards of 28 hectares with crops in much of grape and the processing plant. Tourists can take walks in Paso horses, as with other wineries like Queirolo, Vista Alegre and Tacama.

Wine farmland in Ica

Meanwhile the vineyard Tacama exists since 1960, one of the most beautiful and traditional vineyards of Ica, with technology from countries like France, pioneer world wine production and brought by the father of the current CEO Pedro Olaechea. Its wines are sold in Europe and globally respected. Visitors can taste the variety of wines and tour the plant, witnessing the process of making wine, bottling and labeling of containers of this brand.

While, Queirolo vineyards has for some time a hotel facing the vineyards so that in this way can enrich and extend the visitor’s stay. It is an old house converted into a hotel with modern rooms, from which you can make long walks in the vineyards while sipping a cocktail in hand. For lunch only you must make a reservation in advance in the restaurant that offers regional food, international and pizzas in clay oven.

Video of Ica wineries and vineyards

Ica wineries and vineyards is shown in the following video through TV Peru of Youtube.

Thanks for information to; Video: Youtube- Por las Rutas del Pisco… Tv. Peru)

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