Lima Archive

Civic Center of Lima is now a modern shopping center

One of the tallest buildings in the city of Lima is the Civic Center, that was built with the purpose of being the great monument of the military government of Juan Velasco Alvarado, demanding a great investment.

Trekking to Huacapune, stone fortress on the heights of Lima

A mysterious fortress is appreciated from the top of a mountain in the province of Huarochiri Lima. They call it: «Huacapune» and is a real challenge for any adventurer, inasmuch as its ascent has a greater slope of 1,500 meters, reaching 3800 m.

Amano Museum exhibits pre-Columbian cultures in Miraflores

A beautiful art collection of pre-Columbian cultures of Peru is shown to the public in the Museo Amano, a private institution with 50 years of existence, located in the district of Miraflores, Lima.

Seaport of Callao is Peru’s most important

Officially, the Puerto del Callao located in the central coast of Peru, is the main port in both traffic and storage capacity. It has a depth of 16 meters, allowing for huge loads.

«El Salto del Fraile» Restaurant revives a legend front of the sea

A restaurant in Lima with a privileged view is the «Salto del Fraile» (Jumping of the Friar), located near the Morro Solar and the beach La Herradura, where visitors can enjoy Peruvian cuisine, while appreciating an unforgettable attraction.

Santa Rosa Passage, important urban space in downtown Lima

On the side of the Municipal Palace of Lima we find an urban space which has been called for over 20 years as the Pasaje Santa Rosa, place where a monument that perpetuates the memory of Taulichusco was erected.