Trekking to Huacapune, stone fortress on the heights of Lima

A mysterious fortress is appreciated from the top of a mountain in the province of Huarochiri Lima. They call it: «Huacapune» and is a real challenge for any adventurer, inasmuch as its ascent has a greater slope of 1,500 meters, reaching 3800 m.

While you advance to the heights you can see the valley of Rimac, which becomes smaller with each step, in turn feel a great silence. It is an effort that involves a steep climb the hill Tompongo, whose summit is the archaeological site.

It was probably built during the eleventh century AD, and is likely to have been occupied by the Incas in the fifteenth century. It has underground structures that draws much attention, with a series of spaces in the basement of small dimensions, which have functioned as burial sites, on which people lived over them, in order to continue worshiping their dead and thus acquire protecting them.

huacapune in Lima

Many of these burial sites were communicated with each other and with various levels, probably depending on the social stratum.

All around a spectacular panorama is observed, all the Yanjune ravine, the Rimac valley and the hill Huacre with 4470 masl.

It is recommended to wear light clothes and a windbreaker jacket, shoes with good cocadas, hat, flashlight, food and water, and a flashlight to go inside the fortress.

How to get:

To make this trek to Huacapune, approximately five hours, the physical factor is paramount and courage. It starts from Chosica, 45 minutes from Lima, at kilometer 36 of the Central Highway. Then continue to San Jeronimo de Surco and from there to the hill Tompongo.

In the following video, a group of climbers made trekking bound for Fort Huacapune, where you can see the route details.

(Source:,,; Video: Youtube- Homarh Villaverde)

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