Knows which is the second highest mountain in Peru

the second mountain highest of Peru

After the Huascaran, the second highest mountain in Peru, is the Snowy Yerupajá with a height of 6,634 meters and is located in the Cordillera Huayhuash. Curiously, it is a mountain belonging to the departments of Lima, Ancash and Huanuco, which distributes its aspects to these three departments.

The word «Yerupajá» comes from two Quechua voices: «Yuraq» which means «white» and «Pajaj» is «dawn», whose ultimate meaning is «White Dawn».

This mountain is also the highest point of the vast Amazon River basin, is one of the most difficult to climb, so has earned a global reputation and attract many climbers from around the world.

Experienced people in this type of sport amounted Yerupajá on the south side and west, from the Jahuacocha and Solteracocha lagoons. The difficulty level varies constantly by the movement of ice. Note that in 1979, the skier Patrick Vallencant skied down three times in the west side of Mount.

On the other hand, this mountain brings a sad story, because in 1954 an aircraft crashed into one of its slopes, where he died all their crew; years later rescue expeditions were conducted after finding some of the wreckage.

In 2002, the snowy was recognized as a Reserved Zone by the National Service of Protected Natural Areas by the State – SERNANP.

How to get:

The snowy is located in the south of the Cordillera Blanca, 15 kilometers west of the Town Centre Llamac, Pacllón District, Province of Bolognesi, Ancash.

The Snowy Yerupajá is shown in the video below, where a group of people is camping on the banks of the lagoon at the foot of the mountain.

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