Fried breaded yuca with eggs for a rich Peruvian breakfast

recipe of breaded yuca with egg

We present you this easy recipe with yuca to supplement breakfast or even for a nutritious lunch box for kids. With this rich food will exploit its beneficial health properties and also it has protein and carbohydrates.

parboil yuca peru

In the country, this tuber occurs in almost all departments and at all times of the year. It is very resistant to pests and plant diseases, so it almost does not require chemicals for its control. Its nutritional power and palatability could be an alternative to potatoes, very consumed worldwide.

Yuca, plant of América Furthermore It has been shown that cultivation resists the high temperatures caused by climate change compared to other sensitive foods. So the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) encourages to nations to greater production of this food for being so strong, extremely low production costs and high quality food.

In Peru, the yucas are used to accompany many dishes such as Seco de Res, la Jalea de Pescado, la Carapulcra, among others. Also they are consumed parboiled, fried for feeling them crispy or coated with egg, as is the recipe that we present you in this post.

Ingredients for the breaded Yuca

1 kg of boiled yuca
¼ vegetable oil for frying
Salt to taste
3 eggs

Preparation of breaded yuca

First cut the yuca in parts of similar size to personal judgment, then withdrew the crust. After washing, put them to parboil in a pot with water and salt to taste.

When they are soft, withdraw the hot water carefully to avoid their wrecking. Let cool.

Then cut in half and remove parts of the strands from the center.

In a bowl place the eggs, add salt to taste and beat by hand.

Finally dip in batter the yucas and fry in a pan with hot oil.

Each list yuca to put on absorbent kitchen paper, then you serve them.

Reportage about the experience of a farmer in Puerto Rico. Very interesting video shared on YouTube by «Goya Puerto Rico» user. Enjoy.

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