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Stuffed Caigua, traditional Peruvian dish easy to prepare

A very nutritious and easy to prepare traditional Peruvian dish is the stuffed caigua, how its name is based caigua, a vegetable of Peruvian origin also rich in fiber, low in calories, very good for lowering cholesterol and lowering of weight.

Learn the recipe of «Picante a la Tacneña»

One of the infallible dishes at family gatherings is «Picante a la Tacneña» (Tacneña Spicy), very typical in the gastronomy in Tacna. History tells us that its origin was in the poor class of this southern part of Peru, while the bosses ate good

Patacones, very popular food in the Peruvian jungle

There are many delicious dishes that stand in the Peruvian jungle, but among the most requested by diners are Patacones, whose preparation technique is very similar to what is done to the jerky. This famous dish for our Amazon is made from green banana

Recipe of «Choritos a la Chalaca», typical dish of the port of Callao

In the port of Callao predominate seafood, being a typical and popular dish: «Choritos a la Chalaca» (mussels to chalaca) made with raw mussels, onion, tomato, corn and lemon juice.

Cauliflower souffle, a spongy and quick recipe

A quick and easy recipe are the souffles, which are prepared from egg whites and mixed with bechamel and egg yolks.

The Chuchuhuasi, potent aphrodisiac drink of the Peruvian Jungle

One of the exotic and aphrodisiac drinks in the Peruvian jungle is the Chuchuhuasi, a strong aroma and made from a bitter root of the same name, which is very popular throughout the east of our country. This schnapps should be drunk preferably in