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One of the infallible dishes at family gatherings is «Picante a la Tacneña» (Tacneña Spicy), very typical in the gastronomy in Tacna.

History tells us that its origin was in the poor class of this southern part of Peru, while the bosses ate good meat of animals, workers had only waste, such as organ meats, so thanks to the ingenuity of women, it was prepared a typical dish of the region .

Thus, the main ingredient of this dish are the viscera of the animal, to which we add the red pepper sauce, dried meat and potatoes cooked and crumbled.

This began to prepare in the towns of Locumba and Sama, spreading on the street «El Canto» (The Song), today called street Arias Aragüez, and then it prepared in the Andean region, where it is served with boiled «chuño», plus a variety of «mote» in the region.

During the month of August, a competition is conducted by the best dish prepared in wood and semi-dry wine of farm.

How to prepare «Picante a la Tacneña»

The potatoes should be cooked and set aside. The same do with the tripe cut into sticks, along with paw beef and chalona. This should be cooked on medium heat for a period of two hours. Drain and reserve the tripe.
In a saucepan cook the chili pepper in water for half an hour, and then liquefy. This liquefied chili return it to the pot and add salt, garlic and cumin, leaving cook for two hours, stirring occasionally until thick consistency.
In a heat skillet heat oil over medium and fry for a few minutes pepper cream. Add the dried meat, tripe, two cups of broth of tripe, mashed potatoes later. Pour two cups of broth and cook for 15 minutes.
Finally add oregano and remove from heat, let stand for 30 minutes, stir and serve in a flat dish with bread or rice marraqueta.

Another way to prepare «Picante a la Tacneña» that you can learn in the video below:

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