Visit the Island of Love, in Mangroves of Tumbes

Island in the mangroves of Tumbes

A meeting point for romantic couples or honeymooners who want to spend their honeymoon, is The Island of Love, located in one of the beaches formed by mangroves of Puerto Pizarro in Tumbes.

Its Geographical coverage extends from the Gulf of Guayaquil to Playa Hermosa, in the department of Tumbes. It is an island easily accessible, between two landscapes, one the islet, mangrove swamps and the other the tip of sand banks and the open sea.

This scenario with 1500 meters long and 250 meters wide, is a landscape quality, with a typical dry forest vegetation and red mangrove. In its beaches can be seen fine sand at low tide and part of the island is covered when the tide is high.

Today, visitors can enjoy the tranquility of the sea of ​​this island, which is filled with campers during the summer and may also find restaurants offering a variety of dishes based on fish.

How to get:

The Island of Love is 4 kilometers from the Panamerican Highway.

In the following video The Island of Love appears as a quiet place, which is visited by a lot campers in the summer months:

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