Port of Paita, important economic center of northern Peru

Vista del Puerto de Paita en Piura

In the north of our country we find the Port of Paita, located in the department of Piura, which mobilizes large number of containers both import and export.

It is one of the oldest ports in the country, and would have been used by the Moche and later the Spaniards, at the time of the conquest, found rafts in excellent condition, that reached until Guayaquil in Ecuador, in addition to boats heading to Panama, years later.

Thus Paita became the main port in the region in the colony. A place where lots of people who are engaged in industrial and artisanal fisheries are concentrated.

Its fleet comprises about 400 vessels, plus a similar amount of Balsillas. As for artisanal vessels, they are old, wooden-hulled and have no safety equipment and navigation. Industrial vessels are mostly old structures with wooden hull and iron.

Among the species that are captured in this port are sardines, cojinova, hake, grouper, conger eel, butterfish, sardines, dogfish, bonito, suco, horse mackerel and mackerel.

From 1998, we observed a significant increase in attention Ship International Transit.

How to get:

It is 56 kilometers from the city of Piura.

In the video below is showed the Port of Paita, seen from the dock. You can see the number of ships on a winter afternoon.

(Source: mincetur.gob.pe, es.wikipedia.org; Video: Youtube-Carlos Saenz Torrico)

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