Ticsani, a dormant volcano in Moquegua

A natural attraction in the district of Ubinas, in Moquegua, is the Ticsani volcano, consisting of a mound called Ticsani Viejo is a stratovolcano and Ticsani Nuevo, which is a set of three deposits of lava.

This volcano at 5,408 meters, has two craters semi destroyed and has not registered major eruptions, the latter would have happened about 400 years ago. In the surrounding, emerge fountains at high temperatures, some are thermal baths.

Next to volcano, there are twelve centers populated with more than 5000 people, are being the closest and vulnerable to a possible eruption, the people of Soquezane, Cuchumbaya, Carumas, St. Kitts and Calacoa.

How to get:

The volcánTicsani is located 60 km from the city of Moquegua.

(Source: Wikipedia, turismoi.pe)

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