Travel to the «Hueso de Ballena» Island in Tumbes

the "Hueso de Ballena" Island in Tumbes

A peculiar island in the department of Tumbes is called the Hueso de Ballena Island (whale bone), which is shown as a barrier is formed by sediment dragged by the Tumbes River.

Many people who know, say their way is similar to the backbone of this large aquatic mammal that bears his name , while others claim that a whale was stranded there and over time were only bones.

Many tourists have come to this island, and it has rescued through the portal Tripadvisor, some comments such as: this place is a paradise, very quiet, romantic and peaceful, perfect to go with the couple or family.

banana boat in the "Hueso de Ballena" Island in Tumbes

It also features rustic restaurants offering dishes outdoors, while enjoying the sand and the beach. These dishes you can taste the ceviche of black scallops, sudado, greaves and prawns with chifles, along with canchita and fried yucca.

In turn, visitors can enjoy fun games as a giant slide, a ride in jet ski or banana boat, and other water activities.

How to get:

You can only access the island if the tide is high, otherwise you can not leave Puerto Pizarro.

Next, the author of the video makes a visit to the Hueso de Ballena Island and lets us know the restaurant and its various dishes as well as some impressions from visitors.

(Source:,; Video: Youtube-TV ORO Huaquillas)

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