Zungarococha lake, a large ecosystem of the low jungle of Iquitos

Lago Zungarococha en Loreto

With its dark waters and surrounded by a varied very characteristic ecosystem of the low jungle, we find to Zungarococha Lake, located on the right bank of the Nanay River, a tributary of the Amazon River, in the region of Loreto.

Its name originates from the era when existed abundance of fish «zúngaro», and the people joined this word with «cocha» or lake, and so they called it Zungarococha lake.

Zungarococha village was founded in 1965, it is located to banks of Zungarococha Lake , which has 800 inhabitants. A short distance we find the brook of Corrientillo, where visitors can enjoy its refreshing waters. And also you can enjoy traditional dishes in the small lagoon of Corrientillo.

This lake is of great extent and level of the water varies according to the increasing or time-draining river. It is also ideal for leisure and recreation activities, such as swimming, canoeing, boating, slipper, sport fishing, among others, amid beautiful scenery.

How to get:

In the following video, know the fish zúngaro recently extracted from the waters of a lake.

(Source: enperu.org, mincetur.gob.pe, peru-info.org; Video: YouTube- leader Fredy Garcia Jaramillo)

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