Live the adventure tourism in the Lima district of Matucana

Vast natural landscapes and a variety of archaeological sites are found in Matucana, in the province of Huarochiri, just an hour and a half east of Lima, ideal for those who like camping.

This city is one of the few that still exist today, preserved in its territory much of scenery that you can meet and visit.

Because of being in the valley of the Rimac River, Matucana has a pleasant climate throughout the year, registering as a minimum temperature of 19 ° C.

Thanks to the geographical features available to this place, it is conducive to adventure tourism and sports such as mountain biking, rock climbing, camping, trekking, among others, in addition to enjoying the evening with a campfire.

As one of its natural attractions can be mentioned to the Waterfall Antankallo, 2750 m with twenty meters high in the fall of water, and to get there you have to walk about an hour. During the tour, you can see fig trees, a hill in the shape of lion’s head and the face of Christ is observed, until a wooden suspension bridge.

Ten minutes up this cascade leads to the waterfall known as «Tobogán de Cambo».

You can also visit the Plaza Miguel Grau, surrounded by diverse restaurants and market town where tourists get fresh milk, cheese and traditional tamales.

How to get:

Matucana is located on the outskirts of the department of Lima and 75 km eastward through the Central Highway.

In the following video, you can see Matucana and natural attractions such as the waterfall Antankallo:

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