Chancay castle, know how to get, schedules and fares

Chancay is located approximately one hour south of Huacho. There lies one of the place more representative and very attractive for sightseeing near Lima: Chancay Castle.

Its infrastructure is about 15 thousand square meters with hosting service, campground, restaurant, swimming pools, beautiful verandas overlooking the sea and music shows all summer weekends.

A look at the past

Chancay Castle is part of several generations of a family who keeps in his circle, the history, culture and lots of romance.

Consuelo Amat was granddaughter of  a viceroy in Peru

Its stone road leads to its corners surrounded by green garden. The castle of Boogie family, as it was known, was built on the cliff of Chancay in 1924 by order Consuelo Amat y León Rolando, illustrious woman was born in Lima in 1896, she is the point start of the majestic and impressive castle of Chancay.

It lasted 10 long years of 1924-1935, the style presented is the medieval Castilian influence. Consuelo was granddaughter of a viceroy, one of the most educated, Manuel Amat and Juniet. In this viceroy he is associated with the first Peruvian artist Micaela Villegas, the famous «Perricholi». Consuelo was a lady of great artistic sensibility since childhood, all his memories and experiences of love are reflected in 400 poems published in two volumes. One of them called «Sandalwood» dedicated to his mother and the book of poems «Leaves» dedicated to the memory of her beloved husband, Italian illustrious Don Rómulo Boggio, whom she married at the age of 19 years.

Chancay castle on a cliff of Chancay

Also, in memory of her husband, built the castle after a trip he took to Europe. it was designed in baroque style. The lion’s face is everywhere and is representing the name of the illustrious lady. She drew the architectural drawings of the place and she oversaw the work.

Doña Libya Boggio Amat y Leon, one of the daughters of Dona Consuelo, married Colonel Juan Francisco Barreto Saavedra, her artistic sensitivity inherited from his mother. And one of his sons Juan Winston Barreto Boggio decided to continue with this beautiful architectural work.

Within years of 60 to 90, the place was completely abandoned and is in the 90s that was to be sold to the Jesuits to turn it into a monastery, but John Winston Barreto Boogie, the grandson of Dona Consuelo began with its reconstruction.

How to get:

Chancay Castle is located in the province of Huaraz seaside district of Chancay, an hour and a half drive from Lima. A detour through the Panamericana Norte will lead to this spectacular place in medieval style.

If transportation is by bus, which will take the Norte Chico (Huaral, Chancay, Huacho, Canyon, etc) leaving the center of Lima or the Panamerican Highway («Pipes whereabouts» approx. 200 meters from the Metro stores Independence). According, Transportation Z-Bus Exits the end of Av. Abancay or the Panamerican Highway.

Price & Schedule Income:

Chancay castle in front of the sea, in Lima

The visitor can approach the Castle of Chancay every day from 9 am to 7 pm and is for the exclusive use of guests and visitors. The cost of adult admission is S / .10 and children S / .5. Includes: tour of the facilities of the Castle, guided tour to the following museums: living memories (history of the castle), visit the museum (ceramics, mantles, mummies, weaving), visit hunting room (stuffed animals) and panoramic view of sinking the Covadonga (War with Chile).

Chancay Castle in the video below:

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