Huishco archaeological site, ancient vestige in Canta

In that time, they controlled the highlands as Llamacoto and Auquichani, both are Basins, with livestock and farmland, all this in terraced controlled for irrigation, within the current Huaros.

Huishco means «Condor», although still unknown the exact meaning of this name. Its buildings are of architectural form, with oval and rectangular bases with curved corners. They have eaves and cornices. It is divided into four sectors that were defined by the natural disposition of its stone fences.

In this place, 4050 meters above sea level, you can see about 50 chullpas, most of which are in disrepair.

There is also a ceremonial center called Jayampampa, with a semicircular plaza with 3 sandeels uncut stone called Huanca, measuring 97, 70 and 35 centimeters, north, center and south respectively, forming a triangle obstuso.

Currently Huishco, declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation in 2009, it is overgrown.
Funny thing about this place is that when someone shout, the echo responds after ten seconds.

How to get:

Huishco is 5 kilometers from Plaza Huaros, two hours walk or an hour of riding, in the district of Canta, in the region of Lima.

In the following video, we see a Huaros tour in the town of Canta, we will find beautiful natural landscapes, and architectural relics as Huishco Aynas and its diverse flora and fauna.


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