Llipta porridge, the andean sweet with medicinal properties

One of the most popular and traditional desserts of the region of Ayacucho is Llipta porridge, which today continues charming the palate to despite the passage of time, and that require hundreds of diners for its medicinal properties.

This sweet andean has a curious preparation because among its ingredients is the ash water which is prepared with utmost patience, according to account the pastry Sixta Gomez Cusi.

For this preparation, the water is boiled with ash, it becomes stand and then when all the ash is at the bottom, slide the water very carefully. This will give the characteristic color to the porridge.

Also, this mountain dessert is based in called Paru sara sara, a reddish corn, along with a series of aromatic and regional herbs such as nettle, chamomile, melissa and fennel.

Mazamorra de llipta en la sierra peruana

This corn is boiled with warm water, orange peel, anise, ground cinnamon, eucalyptus ash that gives a yellow color and special flavor, then a handful of salt and sugar to taste.

The secret to a good Llipta porridge is to add the measured amount of each of the ingredients. Before serving, add a little milk to give a nutritious taste and the exact spot to please the most discerning palate.

(Source: jornada.com.pe, diariocorreo.pe)

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