Tocosh porridge, Inca product of the central highlands of Peru

A sweet fermented of Ancash is Tocosh porridge, which is made from fermented white potatoes in water for a few months. And it was chosen as the best sweet old in Mistura 2013.

Note that the tocosh also called tocos, it is a product canned prepared of potatoes or corn rotten, which goes through a home processing for food and medicinal purposes. Because of its pungent smell can be added soursop or other seasonal fruit.

To achieve this, potato or corn rots in a hole on a net, close to a stream of water for a week in the case of potatoes, and 15 days for corn, subsequently is withdrawn, aerate and put to the sun, being finally ready to be used in soups and porridge, the chupe or chairo, among others.

Know that tocosh has benefits in properties such as being a natural antibiotic, it is antimicrobial, increases immune system protection, so it is prescribed for patients with cancer, is probiotic food, prevents osteoporosis, increases the intestinal flora, etc.

How is prepared the Tocosh porridge, a peruvian recipe:


½ kilo of flour Tocosh
Sugar to taste


Boil water with cinnamon, orange peel, cloves. Add the diluted flour tocosh and sugar. Constantly moving until it is ready.
Cool and serve.

The Tokosh is tuber very beneficial to health, proof is shown through this video of American TV:

(Source: Wikipedia,; Video: Youtube-Cocinando con Aurora)

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